“Do the best you can until you know better.
Then when you know better, do better.”

– Maya Angelou

Even though we dream big about the change we want in the world, we’re committed to making it happen. Best Egg is proud to work with a variety of organizations, large and small, to support our local communities.

Helping to Brighten the Light of Cancer Research

Paint nights, pies in the face, cookbooks for charity, and poker nights–these are some of the ways we have supported Delaware’s Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). We’ve donated over $234,000 to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and we’re not even close to stopping. In addition to our corporate sponsorship of Delaware’s Light the Night charity walks, we continue to find creative ways to fundraise for this incredible cause. Chief Financial Officer Paul Ricci serves on the Delaware Chapter Board, and Chief Operating Officer Jason Swift is the LLS Light the Night Charity Walk Chair for 2021. As the saying goes, “Cancer doesn’t stop.” Neither do we.

Since 2017

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Making Daily Life Just a Little Easier for Families in Need

On any day of the week, you’ll likely find some of the team missing from their workstations for a few hours. That’s because our team regularly visits the Ronald McDonald House local chapter to prepare lunches for families who are staying there. Having lunches ready means that families with sick children don’t have to worry about their next meal. Recently, we’ve refocused by donating catered lunches so families can still access meals safely.

Since 2018

Next Generation Leadership & Financial Literacy

Our team has a ton of financial experts who use their skills to create amazing experiences for our customers. We also put it to use by promoting financial education in our communities. We support two great Delaware Junior Achievement programs, both of which teach kids about the importance of financial literacy.

“Our City” is designed for grades 3-5 and volunteers facilitate this course by engaging children through games and fun activities to learn about spending and saving. In the second program, high school students compete in a Shark Tank-style business competition. Volunteers mentor young entrepreneurs over the school year as they collaborate and make real business decisions. The young entrepreneurs compete at the end of the year at the “Barracuda Bowl.” Winners move on to the national competition where they can win honors and college scholarships for their startups.

Since 2016

Serving the Community is for the Faint of Heart

Each quarter, (even during COVID-19 quarantining), our team has rallied behind the Blood Bank of Delmarva. Dozens of employees have donated during our blood drives, and they’ve helped others get through their own squeamish fears along the way.

“I am an ‘O’ positive blood type which means the majority of people can use my blood. I feel compelled to donate when I can to help save lives. When I received an email from the Blood Bank about a shortage, I decided to get the company involved, as who knows, I may need it myself someday” – Dean, Director of Information Security, and longtime donor.

Since 2018

Expanding Tech-Related Opportunities Locally

In mid-2020, our team partnered with nonprofit Tech Impact to bolster our efforts of making tech-related jobs in Delaware more accessible. With the help of their apprenticeship program, our team has been able to provide tech-based jobs to folks who may not have had the opportunity otherwise.

Our first apprentice joined the Best Egg Squad (our IT team) in January 2021, and our colleagues are more than excited to work with the motivated, untapped talent they’re continuing to send our way.

Since 2020