Wow! What a pleasure it is for Best Egg to be named a LendEDU Top 5 Personal Loan Lender for Q3 2018! Out of a growing field of competition, we here at Best Egg are excited to be named a top personal loan lender in this quarter, which is a great indication of where we’re going.

In addition to providing a marketplace for financial products, the folks at LendEDU provide personal loan rankings to help consumers find the best financial options for them. Having just recently revamped their ratings and reviews process to analyze lenders in a more detailed way, LendEDU is recognizing Best Egg as one of the best!

Best Egg Personal Loan Badge LendEDU

Their personal loan rankings are based on many things including: competitiveness of interest rates, prepayment and origination fees, approval rates and submit to fund time, quality of customer service, and benefits offered to borrowers. Read about the full ranking criteria and how we stack up.

Since our launch in 2014, we’ve been committed to reducing the stress that people feel when they need to borrow money by delivering a quick and hassle-free personal loan product.  Customers tell us time and again how much they appreciate our short and convenient online loan application, seeing what rate and terms they qualify for without impacting their credit score, and how fast we transmit funds—over 50% of our customers within 1 business day!

Being recognized by LendEDU as a Top Personal Loan Lender in Q3 2018 is a great reinforcement of the great work our team does here every day.

We love when we hear real stories directly from our customers about how Best Egg helped them, and made a positive impact on their life. Here’s a few recent reviews that touched our heart:

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“My honest and sincerest comment is Thank you, thank you and thank you…  I was hesitant at first to apply and waited almost 3 weeks from the time I received the notice to apply.  On a whim I went ahead and applied and my loan was approved.  It made such a big difference in my life.  Thank you again Best Egg.”


“I’ve never had an easier experience with a lender. I just applied and was approved in less than 5 minutes. According to my documents the money will be deposited into my account within 1-3 business days. I can finally get my bills under control and be debt free in 3 years or less! WooHoo!!!”


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“Good service and nice representatives very good explanation about all my questions”

Juan Luis

We commend the work of LendEDU as they deliver important consumer finance information. Their analysis continues to help users learn about their options for a multitude of financial products, including student loans, and personal loans.

We take these rankings and acknowledgements with the greatest of pride in what our customers have been able to accomplish, and gravity as we continue to keep improving our loan platform.

  • Last year, we were named #1 in Customer Satisfaction in Personal Loans from Lending Tree, the nation’s leading online loan marketplace, as determined by a combination of customer reviews and overall ranking of our personal loans.
  • We’re still maintaining our recognition as the #1 Personal Loans Company from Best Company, based on the ratings of more than 3,000 of our customers.
  • We’ve worked hard to maintain an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Accreditation from BBB means that we continue our efforts to maintain a customer-facing lens in all of our business practices.

Click here to read more about some of these acknowledgements and to read reviews from our customers.

Thank you LendEDU for recognizing us as a Top Personal Loan Lender! We will continue to work hard to deliver an outstanding experience for our customers. As we march toward the better part of the year, I’m excited for what comes next for the team in this competitive industry that is helping to improve the lives, and financial well-being of consumers.

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Sabrina Basht

Chief Strategy Officer, Best Egg