Saving is an essential part of a person’s journey to financial wellness. However, it can often fall to the wayside when we’re consumed with making our paychecks work, paying off debt, and navigating life’s unplanned events. We can also fall into the trap of thinking that saving is a secondary financial goal, convincing ourselves that we’ll have time to start saving when we’re finally out of debt, when our income increases, or when we reach that certain age. But there’s no time like the present to get started, and that is why we’re introducing the Best Egg Savings Challenge!

The Best Egg Savings Challenge is designed to encourage saving and limit discretionary spending. (Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of tips along the way to help you with your goal.) Throughout the month of July, we’ll be educating our audience about saving, along with providing multiple resources to help boost your momentum!

When is the challenge?

July 1-31. That means you have 31 days to reach your savings goals!

Who can enter?

Anyone who has a goal to save. Whether you’re starting from zero, have a little bit saved here or there, or have a significant amount saved and want to continue with the habit, this challenge is for you! 

Why you should enter?

You should enter this challenge if you want to challenge yourself. Saving is not always easy or convenient, but it’s most definitely necessary for your financial wellbeing. This month, challenge yourself to take your financial journey to the next level by setting an achievable goal that you know will better your financial mindset and health.  

Are you in? Here’s how to participate:

  • Decide which platform you wish to participate on. It could be on Twitter or Instagram! Whichever one you choose, make sure you are consistently posting your progress on that platform for the duration of the challenge.
  • Use the digital download below to post that you’re participating by July 1st and make sure you tag us at @mybestegg, using the hashtag, #BestEggSavingsChallenge on Twitter or Instagram!
  • Click here to download your pledge sheet!

Challenge Steps:

  1. Define your goal. This can be anything from simply developing new habits to saving up for a vacation!
  2. Set up your plan. Having a plan is essential to achieving any goal. Decide how you will execute this goal, being specific about what you want and your reward when you reach the finish line. Keep a lookout for resources we’ll be sharing on how to set up a savings plan!
  3. Tell everyone! Accountability is key. So don’t forget to let your friends and family know to support you throughout the month!
  4. Start saving!

Are you ready? We can’t wait to come alongside you as you take your financial journey to the next level. Don’t forget to keep a lookout on our social media pages (@mybestegg) for updates and resources to help fuel your journey, and be sure to keep us updated on your progress using the hashtag, #BestEggSavingsChallenge!

Good luck!