Not all budgeting is created equal, and neither is the candy you give out on Halloween. Here at Best Egg, we appreciate anyone who takes the real time to keep a budget, but we also appreciate candy—especially on Halloween. Here are our thoughts about what different budgeting styles say about the kind of candy you hand out on Halloween. Does your budgeting style match up?


The Enveloper

icon of a red assorted candy wrapper

Tested, tried and true, envelope budgeters are a classic breed of money managers. You’re organized, maybe a little old fashioned (with smartphone budgeting apps, nowadays) but you know what works for you and you know exactly where your money is going. Privy to color coordinated labels, you’re a pack of assorted fruit candy. Like every expense has an envelope, each color has a different flavor. You know what you’re doing, and you do it well.

The Basic Budgeter

icon of chocolate candy bar

If you’re a basic budgeter, you do things by the book. It’s nothing flashy, but you do enough to get the job done and stay ahead. You use a fairly-organized spreadsheet (or pen and paper!) stay up-to-date on expenses, and you keep yourself in check. You know how to work around obstacles and unexpected expenses because you have an assortment of skills. You’re a classic variety pack of Halloween candy. You’re versatile, fun, and you get the job done.


icon of assorted pastel candy

These characters are scary organized. For the CPAs, budgeting is not a chore, or a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. Your nose is always in a spreadsheet, and when you’re not recategorizing your expenditures or doing something else nerdy, you’re probably doing it for someone else. You’re an industrious package of Smarties. You’re trustworthy, but probably less fun at parties than your Basic Budgeting counterparts. And while you’re no one’s favorite, you’re a winner for going for it nonetheless.

The Never Budgets

icon of a frowning jack-o-latern

The never budgeters are the spookiest of them all. Whether you started a budget five years ago but haven’t used it, or you’ve just never tried, you’re not even a Halloween candy. You’re that house on Halloween night that turns the lights off, ignores the doorbell and probably gets egged (no pun intended). We’re not trying to shame you, but we definitely think you could learn a thing or two from the CPAs and Envelopers of the world.

The High Roller

icon of a money emoji

So maybe they have a budget, but they don’t tend to it much. You high roller budgeters have enough money to live your life, and then some. You probably don’t worry much about money because someone else does it for you. In terms of candy, you’re a King-sized candy bar. Perhaps a little superfluous, you get to live the dream of big candy and a big lifestyle. On Halloween, when you inevitably run out of King-sized candy, you start handing out dollar bills like it’s a hip-hop video from 2003, because you have enough money to do that.

The Family Budgeter

icon of an apple


The most dedicated budgeter of the lot, family budgeters keep track of every household expense. You coupon, stretch every dollar, and plan months in advance. You have all of your savings and investments allotted, and friends probably call you the ‘mom’ friend of the group. For Halloween candy, you’re an apple. Houses that give out apples on Halloween do a thankless job. No one will appreciate you now, but ultimately you do the most good for everyone in the end. We salute you family budgeters.

The Old Timer

icons of butterscotch and strawberry candy


So maybe you’ve collected every receipt from every single transaction since 1969, or maybe you keep all your cash under a mattress, Old Timers have the potential to be the best budgeters among us. You know exactly where all your money is going, and you’re always looking to pinch some pennies. You’re what we call Grandpa candy: those foil-wrapped strawberry hard candies, butterscotches, or peppermints that may or may not be expired (you know the kind). You’re not up with the times, but you’re classic in every way.

So, did we get it right? Do you feel in your heart that you’re a different kind of candy? Let us know on FacebookThis blog is for entertainment purposes only. Best Egg does not give or solicit official financial advice. We would however, like to officially wish our readers a safe and happy Halloween.

Icons made by Freepik, Good Ware, and Smashicons from Flaticon, licensed by CC 3.0 BY


October 29, 2018


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