Best Egg is about more than personal loans

At Best Egg, we think of each new day as a chance to get a little bit smarter, a little bit better and a little bit closer to the people who use our products and services.

Talking with customers and our employees is a daily exercise of ours to get insight into our business, what we’re doing well, where to improve and what to prioritize.  From the very first visit to our website, to filling out an application, chatting with a Best Egg loan specialist, to making loan payments—every single interaction matters. They’re opportunities to listen, learn and understand our customers better.

Through working directly with customers and by soliciting their feedback, we’ve been able to make improvements to our product and services to make our customers’ lives better.

Over the past 18 months, our focused efforts here have delivered some incredible results:

  • We’ve introduced new tools and technology to collect, process and take action on all of your feedback
  • New research techniques to gather in-depth insights on new and existing customer experiences
  • Better ways to improve our responsiveness when customers are contacting us
  • New self-service tools, like Quick View and our online searchable knowledge base
  • And we continue to read every review and survey response to improve our decision-making

Best Egg Customer Service is Taking a New Turn

As financial consumers ourselves, we know it’s important to have big goals and celebrate small wins, which is why we recently dedicated a week to Customer Experience in a company-wide celebration of our progress to do just that. Baby steps or big steps, we keep ourselves feeling gratified and not overwhelmed.

We also want our customers to do the same, to feel proud of what they have been able to accomplish and to enjoy the journey. If there is anything we can do to help make that more of a reality for our customers, we welcome that feedback.  It may not happen overnight, but the customer feedback system we now have in place truly enables us to consider every piece of feedback for action.

Stay on the lookout for a new login experience to view your information, make payments as well as other important features to make things easier for you.

Thank you again to our customers for sharing so many powerful stories, opinions and ideas.  Our hope is that we continue to get better and better at making money simpler for all of you.

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Many thanks,

Briana, Head of Customer Experience


November 15, 2018


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