When you hear the term Egghead, you might not consider it a term of endearment but at Best Egg, it certainly is. We’re happy to say our company is full of Eggheads; employees from every department, at every level who want to bring ideas to the table that make us better for our borrowers, investors, and most importantly, fellow colleagues.

To encourage our employees and agents to bring new ideas to the table, we started this recognition program because good ideas should be rewarded. At Best Egg, we center our ideas on TRUST:

  • Trusted Ally – Ideas that can deepen our relationship with customers
  • Resolve Problems – Solutions to problems that benefit the customers and the company
  • Understanding – Ways to address issues or suggestions that customers tell us OR make customers feel we understand them
  • Simple – Plans to reduce friction, making it easier or faster
  • Tech Forward – Tactics to use technology to deliver experiences in a human way

These areas are the main focus for our Eggheads program because we believe they provide the most value to both our customers and our Best Egg family.

So, how does it work?

To participate in the program, our employees join a special Slack chat and can submit what they’re thinking there. Once an idea gets “liked” by 10 others, it is bumped up to a Bronze egg. All Bronze eggs then get reviewed by a group of 5-6 Best Egg employees from different levels and departments. This group is responsible for deciding whether or not bronze ideas move to silver status and will recommend ideas based on business implementation. To keep things fresh, we rotate this group quarterly so new ideas are getting the fresh perspective they deserve. Silver eggs are then reviewed by company leadership who make sure the idea can be implemented. Once an idea is implemented, it becomes a Golden Idea.

Silver eggs have been awarded for a wide range of ideas including creating Best Egg merchandise for customers, bringing food trucks onsite for lunch for employees, implementing a “Refer A Friend” incentive program for customers, testing QR codes on direct mail pieces, and designing ways to improve internal processes. Our winning Eggheads are from a variety of departments and can benefit employees, customers, or both.

All Egg levels are recognized during our Quarterly Business Meeting where the entire company comes together to acknowledge our Eggheads and Silver and Gold winners receive a financial reward. Not a bad deal, huh?

Best Egg fosters a customer-centric culture that supports sharing ideas and communication across the entire business. Our Eggheads program is just a formal way we can communicate these thoughts to our colleagues and let all of our employees’ voices be heard. This channel has allowed all of our employees to inspire real change within the company in the areas they are most passionate about.

Want to know what our next Golden Idea will be? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and we’ll keep you updated!


June 25, 2019


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