Best Egg Rewards

This document contains important terms and conditions (“Reward Rules”) for the rewards program (“Program”) for the Best Egg Visa® Credit Card Cash Rewards account (“Account”) issued by First Bank & Trust, Brookings, SD, pursuant to a license by Visa International. You agree that use of your Account or a feature of the Program by you or an Authorized User constitutes your acceptance of each of the terms of the Reward Rules. “You”, “your” or “primary cardmember” means the person who applied for the Account. Capitalized terms not defined in these Reward Rules have the meaning ascribed to them in the Cardmember Agreement associated with your Account linked to this Program.

The Privacy Policy for Best Egg is available online at

Administration and Participation

The Program and Reward Rules are administered by Best Egg located in Wilmington, DE in its sole discretion. We reserve the right to modify, amend or terminate the Reward Rules and the Program at any time with or without notice.

To maintain your eligibility for participation in the Program through use of the Account:

  • You must maintain an open Account that is in “good standing” which means Account is not in default as described in your Cardmember Agreement with us (in “Good Standing”).
  • You must be an individual (not a corporation, partnership, or other entity) and the Account may only be used for personal, family or household expenses.

General Information

  • As long as the Program continues and the Account is open and in Good Standing, there is no limit to the total rewards you can earn and your rewards will not expire.
  • You may not earn or redeem rewards during any period in which your Account is past due.
  • If you have a rewards balance on your account that meets the minimum redemption requirement(s), you will have 30 days fro the Account closure date to redeem any outstanding rewards, as long as your Account at the time of closure was not closed for any reasons outlined in the Rewards Forfeiture Section.
  • All rewards earned by the primary cardmember and any authorized user(s) will be added to the primary cardmember’s rewards balance.
  • If you have questions about rewards, please contact the Customer Service number on the back of your card.
  • You have no property rights or other legal interest in rewards. Rewards may not be transferred or assigned.
  • Participation in the Program through use of your Account is subject to all applicable laws and regulations. The sale or barter of any rewards offered through the Program earned through use of the Account, other than by us, is expressly prohibited.There could be tax implications for rewards earned and/or redeemed. Please consult your tax advisor if you have tax questions about the Program. Best Egg does not provide tax advice.
  • You can view a summary of your rewards earned through the use of your Account on your monthly Account billing statement or by logging into
  • Best Egg reserves the right to correct inaccurate rewards values represented on statements, our webste and/or our mobile app, at our sole discretion. Best Egg is not responsible for typographical errors or omissions in this document, website, mobile app, or any marketing materials.
  • Best Egg reserves the right in its sole discretion to cancel, modify, restrict or terminate the Program or any aspects or features of the Program at any time without prior notice.
  • Best Egg may supplement these Reward Rules with additional terms, conditions, disclosures and agreements that will be considered part of this agreement.
  • Rewards cannot be combined with other discount or reward programs unless specifically authorized by Best Egg.
  • All interpretations of the Reward Rules shall be at our sole discretion. Other significant terms may apply. All trademarks and service marks belong to their respective owners.

Earning Rewards

You earn rewards for purchases minus credits, returns and other adjustments (“Purchases”) made by you and/or any authorized user(s) of the Account as follows:

  • You earn one percent (1%) in rewards for every one dollar ($1) spent on all Purchases. For example, if you spend $100 in Purchases you will be awarded one dollar ($1) in rewards.
  • In order to receive the rewards for the Purchases, the merchant must submit the Purchase using the appropriate merchant category codes. Rewards may not be earned if the merchant submits the Purchase using a mobile or wireless card reader or if you use a mobile or digital wallet to pay for the Purchases. Additionally, Purchases made through third parties, including online marketplaces and resellers, or using a third-party payment account will not earn additional rewards. Best Egg is not responsible for incorrectly coded purchases. For questions regarding transaction processing for Purchases, please reach out to the merchant.
  • Balance transfers, cash advances (including cash equivalent transactions such as, but not limited to, the use of your Account to obtain money orders, traveler’s checks, foreign currency and lottery tickets), fees, interest charges and unauthorized/fraudulent purchases are not considered Purchases and do not earn rewards.

Bonus Rewards

Best Egg may offer bonus rewards or other incentives to new Best Egg cardmembers in connection with an application for a new account. These bonuses and/or incentives are intended for applicants who are not and have not previously been Best Egg cardmembers. You understand and agree that you may no longer be eligible for any bonuses and/or incentives in connection with a new Best Egg account after this Account is opened. If you receive a bonus or incentive for which you are not eligible due to your status as a current or former Best Egg cardmember, we may revoke the bonus or incentive, or reduce your rewards by the amount of the bonus or incentive, or charge your Account for the fair value of the bonus or incentive, in our sole discretion.

Best Egg may offer you other ways to earn bonus rewards or other incentives through the Program. You will find out more about these bonus rewards offers and any other terms at the time of the offer. The additional terms will be part of this agreement.

Redeeming Rewards

You have the option to redeem your rewards for statement credits or for rewards using the “Pay Me Back” program as described below. To redeem your rewards, call the number on the back of your card or log into your Account at Best Egg is not responsible for unauthorized redemptions on your Account. All redemptions are final.

Statement Credits

  • You may request a statement credit when you have accumulated $20.00 in rewards. You must have at least $20.00 in rewards to apply as a statement credit.
  • The credit will be posted to your Account within 3-5 business days and will appear on your Account billing statement within one (1) billing cycle.
  • Statement credits reduce your Account balance but you are still required to pay your minimum payment or remaining statement balance, whichever is less, by the payment due date and are otherwise subject to the terms and conditions applicable to your Account.

Pay Me Back

  • You may redeem rewards for a credit to your credit card account to reimburse yourself for specific Purchase(s) that were made in the last 90 days.
  • You may select up to 3 Purchase transactions per redemption which cannot exceed your current rewards balance.
  • The Purchase(s) transaction amount to be redeemed may not exceed the total amount available for redemption.
  • A minimum of $20.00 in Purchase(s) must be selected.

Rewards Forfeiture

If your Account is closed for any of the following reasons, any rewards you have earned will be forfeited:

  • You or any authorized user(s) on the Account engages in any fraudulent or illegal activity through the use of your Account.
  • You, or any authorized user(s) on the Account engage in any activity that is deemed to be abusive or gaming conduct, as determined by us in our sole discretion. Abusive or gaming activity includes, but is not limited to, obtaining or using an account to maximize rewards earned in a manner that isnot consistent with typical consumer activity and/or multiple credit card account applications/openings, as determined by us in our sole discretion.
  • You or any authorized user(s) on the Account have negative public record information identified.
  • Your history of Account usage.
  • Your Account is delinquent, as determined by Best Egg in its sole discretion.
  • Upon death of primary cardholder.
  • Your Account is otherwise in default under your Cardmember Agreement with us.