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You've come to Best Egg's review page, to see if we are everything we're cracked up to be. You'll be happy to know after reading our Best Egg reviews that our customers have been able to get the money they need, when they need it.


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"It will help you rebuild your credit and your life!"
- MayaCrow via CreditKarma

"Best egg had the best rate that we could find for the amount we needed! The convenience was awesome and everything was exactly what they said it'd be! I'm happy that I'm all set up to pay it off in 3 years as it has really helped us pay off our high interest debt! One step towards being debt-free!! Yay!! :D"
- Gudena via Credit Karma

"I tried a few different lenders, and even though my credit score is good, my DTI was a little high. So most turned me away. But Best Egg approved me! And thank god they did, as this money was needed so badly right now! Process was effortless from start to finish! I can't thank them enough!!"
- Anonymous via Credit Karma

Awards and Accreditations

Best Egg named #1 in Customer Satisfaction

Winners of this award are determined based on factors such as number of reviews received in the quarter and average score of the reviews. LendingTree presented BestEgg with this award in Q3 2017.
"Very fast and what I needed to get back on my feet quickly."
- Michael via LendingTree
"Best loan to get while going through a hard time in life. Was able to get this loan and back on my feet in no time. They are very reliable, and extremely responsive with any problems that may occur. Will reccomend to any one who's looking to start over."
- Adrienne via LendingTree
"5k in 5 minutes for a quick home project. Very easy."
- Nicholas via LendingTree
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Best Egg rated #1 Personal Loan

Best Company determines these rankings by factoring in average user score, total number of reviews, price, and more.
"My experience was excellent. The online loan process was easy to navigate and straight forward . I would recommend Best Egg to anyone wanting a quick and easy loan process."
- Michael via Best Company
"Best Egg enabled us me to pay of ALL of my credit card debt and 80% of my Wife's credit card debt as well! My loan amount and interest rate were better than expected and actually got better during the loan process! We now have paid credit cards and a clear path to full payment making payments that are less than what we were paying just making minimum payments! So good to be off the minimum payment hamster wheel! Outstanding customer service throughout the process and we even got fully funded on a Saturday!"
- David B. via Best Company
"Awesome! Fast simple and user friendly. The fastest I've ever been approved. Would definitely recommend!"
- Nisha via Best Company
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Best Egg is BBB Accredited and Holds an A+ Rating

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"Best customer service! My loan approval in minutes. Definitely would recommend to family and friends."
- Jeffrey H. via BBB
"This company is amazing! They are prompt, courteous, easily accessible, and they are helping me get out of debt!"
- Karen S. via BBB
"This is my 2nd loan with Best Egg. I've always gotten a reasonable interest rate. The process is smooth, and simple."
- Jeremiah W. via BBB
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Best Egg BBB Business Review

Best Egg is ConsumerAffairs Accredited

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"Quick and easy loan process. Not all these hoops that other lenders put you through. Convenient, would definitely use again if needed. Saved my family from debt and made it one simple payment instead of 5 different ones. This loan is also only a few years whereas credit cards are longer and charge more interest."
- Michael P. via ConsumerAffairs
"My son was suddenly diagnosed with a chronic illness and the vehicle that I needed to carry him back and forth to his various medical appointments was in need of repairs. Best Egg provided a quick and easy process for me to get the money I needed to take care of my child. So many other lenders take advantage of vulnerable consumers in times of desperation and need. I feel that Best Egg cares about its customers."
- Stephanie D. via ConsumerAffairs
"Legit offer, told truth about what the loan was needed for and after filling out very few questions, showing a little documentations... loan approved. Hassle free and I was treated with respect. Made me feel important in my credit recovery. They saw I was trying to improve my credit rating and allowed me the chance to do just that. Was turned down by other companies and made to feel insignificant."
- Susan S. via ConsumerAffairs
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Best Egg: A Lending Platform You Can Trust


Over 6.0 billion funded


A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau**


Over 420,000 customers served


More than 9 out of 10 customers satisfied***

** As of July 2017
*** Based on results from a survey of recently funded customers conducted from May 2016 - July 2017.