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With access to your credit score, and tools to help you take charge, Best Egg Financial Health makes learning about your financial health and reaching your goals easier than ever.

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The world of finance is complicated and tough to navigate on your own – and sometimes, it’s hard to know what to do next or see the progress you’ve made. But don’t worry, we don’t want you to do it on your own either. That’s why we’re giving you the tools and knowledge to take full control of your finances, make confident decisions, and reach your goals – with no judgement, ever.

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Free peace of mind.

With Best Egg Financial Health, you’ll be getting eyes on your credit report without spending a dime – and with no impact to your credit, either.

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Look into the future.

With our Credit Simulator tool, you can see the estimated impact of different financial moves – before you make them. Choose from options like a credit limit increase, foreclosure, and more, and our tool will let you know what it could do to your credit score. We’re not the credit bureaus, so we can’t guarantee the results – but we can give you an idea. When the time comes to make moves, you’ll have the confidence to make an informed decision.

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Get the big picture.

Knowing your credit score is great – but knowing how it got there is even better. That’s why we break down credit score calculation in a way everybody can understand. High, low, or in-between, you’ll get insight on the factors used to determine that score and info on what those factors mean.

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We’ve got your back.

You’re busy. You’re on the go. You can’t watch out for everything all the time, so we’re taking this one off your plate. We’ll monitor your credit report, alerting you to any changes or updates you need to know about. Good or bad, whatever comes down the pipeline – you won’t ever be caught by surprise again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data secure?

Yes! Best Egg will never sell or share your personal info, no matter what.

Why do I need to know my credit score?

You don’t need to! However, lenders and creditors – and sometimes even landlords – will take your credit score into account when deciding whether to do business with you or not. Learning your score and how credit scoring works can help you use it to your advantage to get the house, get the boat, or just get back on track.

Can I share my account with someone else?

Right now, Financial Health accounts are for individuals only. This helps us tailor the experience to what you need. But we’re always evolving!

Is there an iOS or Android app?

Not yet – but we’re working on it! Keep an eye out for updates.