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Looking to kick up your home’s curb appeal or take your bedroom from drab to dreamy? A Best Egg Home Improvement Loan could take the stress out of paying for renovations and repairs.

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What to think about when considering a home improvement loan


Are you looking for funds to pay for tools, building materials, and contractors?


Is your credit score high enough to qualify for an APR that suits your budget?


Will you be able to pay back your loan without running up additional debt?

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Owning a home could earn you better rates

Searching for a loan with a low APR, manageable monthly payment, and lighting-fast funding? Access our lowest rates available with a Secured Loan, our product exclusively available to homeowners. With an average APR discount of 20% compared to our standard loan, it’s time to see how much you could save with secured.

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Home improvement loans—sometimes referred to as home renovation loans, home remodel loans, or home repair loans—are unsecured personal loans specifically designed to help people get money they need to improve their living space.

Home equity loans aren’t the same as home improvement loans, but they can be used for similar purposes. The main difference? Home equity loans allow you to borrow against the equity in your home, using the property as collateral for the loan. On the other hand, Best Egg Home Improvement Loans are unsecured, meaning you can get money without any collateral.

Click here to learn more about how home improvement loans work.

Home improvement loans are typically used to finance renovation or repair projects to enhance your home. Whether you’re updating your kitchen, fixing up the roof, or replacing your doors and windows, a home improvement loan can get you the money you need fast.

Find out which type of upgrades you could make with a home improvement loan here.

When you’re creating your dream home, the price tag to make it all happen can be intimidating. A home improvement loan could give you access to up to $50,000 at a great, low rate—allowing you to easily finance home upgrades and repay on a timeline that suits your budget.

Explore the best ways to pay for renovations and repairs here, or learn about the pros and cons of financing home improvements using your 401(k).

Like other loans (including home remodel loans and home repair loans) the biggest risk with home improvement loans is taking on debt without having a solid repayment plan. Missing or late payments can drop your credit score rapidly and cause you to acquire more debt. Before applying for any financial product, it’s wise to assess your financial situation and determine how much you can borrow safely.

Considering a home renovation? Ask yourself these questions first.

When you accept a home improvement loan offer, a hard inquiry will be placed on your account, and a new credit account will be added to your credit report. Both factors can cause a slight dip in your credit score. With that said, if you manage your loan responsibly by making on
time payments, over time, this could lead to a positive impact on your score.

The only fee you have to pay with a Best Egg Home Improvement Loan is the one-time origination fee that’s included in the principal loan amount. There’s also a $15 returned payment fee if your payment doesn’t process (usually due to returned checks or insufficient funds in the bank account).

Applying with Best Egg only takes a few minutes, and if you qualify, you’ll find out your home improvement loan rates instantly. Once approved, money should be in your account within 1-3 business days.

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