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Looking to kick up your home’s curb appeal or take your bedroom from drab to dreamy? A Best Egg Home Improvement Loan could take the stress out of paying for renovations and repairs.

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Finance home improvement projects with access to up to $50k

Check your rate without impacting your credit score

Save money over time with fixed APRs

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What to think about when considering a home improvement loan


Are you looking for funds to pay for tools, building materials, and contractors?


Is your credit score high enough to qualify for an APR that suits your budget?


Will you be able to pay back your loan without running up additional debt?

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Owning a home could earn you better rates

Searching for a loan with a low APR, manageable monthly payment, and lighting-fast funding? Access our lowest rates available with a Secured Loan, our product exclusively available to homeowners. With an average APR discount of 20% compared to our standard loan, it’s time to see how much you could save with secured.

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