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Stay on track with personalized insights

Track your transactions and monitor spending trends

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Your data is protected with bank-level security. Learn more

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Add your checking, savings, and credit card accounts to Money Manager in a snap, then track all your finances in one secure location. Best of all, it’s free.

Manage money smarter with 50+ personalized insights

Monitor your money with alerts for unexpected charges.

Celebrate with recognition of milestones like, “No spend days.”

Track your purchases to see how they add up.

Handle budgeting and spend tracking in a snap

Build an instant budget based on your spending habits.

View your total monthly cash flow and spending trends.

Get bill-pay reminders and never miss another payment.

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Go to Best Egg Financial Health and set up your profile.


Go to the Money Manager tab and click “Add Accounts.”


Search for your financial institution and enter your login credentials.

Note: Some institutions use multi-factor authentication as part of their login process.

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Your data is protected with bank-level security

Keeping your data safe is a top priority. We’re committed to protecting your information and will not sell your data. We will also alert you if we detect any unusual spending behavior.

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This service is provided free of charge. There is no subscription required or hidden fees of any kind.

Your account information is protected by 256-bit, bank-level encryption. That is the same level of security as most online banking websites. Your security is our top priority and we implement the highest privacy standards to safeguard you from identity theft and unauthorized access to your information. We never store your account login information, nor do we have access to your credentials. We regularly monitor and upgrade our privacy and security policies to deal with evolving online threats. Read our full Privacy Policy here.

Best Egg Financial Health will never sell your personal or financial information to third parties.

When you add all of your accounts in the My Finances section, you can monitor all your transactions in one location. This could help you identify potential fraudulent and unauthorized activity.

Once you’ve registered for Best Egg Financial Health, you can begin adding your accounts immediately. Each account can be added in seconds by selecting the appropriate financial institution and entering the login credentials used to access that specific site. Some institutions use multi-factor authentication as part of the login process, but aggregating your accounts in one spot is quick and easy.