Flexible Rent

More on-time rent payments, less hassle

Best Egg Flexible Rent is a completely integrated rent-payment solution

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Now available to over 10 million homes directly in our partners’ resident payment portals

Residents apply for Flexible Rent directly in your resident payment portal.

On the residents’ behalf, we pay you 100% of the monthly rent on time.

Residents pay us back throughout the month based on their personalized payment schedule.

Big impact, no cost to you

Best Egg Flexible Rent provides on-time rent payments each month. Plus, it provides your residents with the flexibility they need to manage their cash flow. It saves you the time and hassle of tracking down rent, and best of all—it’s built right into your resident payment portal and doesn’t cost you a thing!

Implementation effort = zero, zip, nada

There’s absolutely nothing property managers need to do. Flexible Rent is integrated directly into your payment partner’s portal, just like any other payment method. You and your residents get all the benefits of rent flexibility without any hassles of implementation, onboarding, or changes to your current operations.

How to help spread the word

If you see your rent payment partner’s logo, Best Egg Flexible Rent is already available in your payment portal.

Reach out to us for guidance about how you can share the benefits of Flexible Rent with your residents.

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Zero! There’s nothing property managers need to implement, onboard, or change about their current operations to provide residents with the benefits of using Flexible Rent.

Contact your property management company to find out if they’re partnering with Flexible Rent. If they are, the Flexible Rent payment option will already be available in your residents’ payment portal—so all you need to do is tell them about it!

Just spread the word whenever you get the chance. To help make it easy, we’ve created some sample messages you can use for resident emails and texts (see above).

You won’t need to! That’s one of the main benefits of having your residents use Flexible Rent. Since we pay their rent on time to you every month, you won’t need to worry about chasing after late payments or contacting delinquent residents.

If a resident doesn’t pay their Flexible Rent payments to us, they won’t be eligible to use Flexible Rent the following month.

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