Auto Pay Authorization

Reviewed February 2023

By opting in to autopay when you open your account, or otherwise turning on autopay at any time, you authorize Cross River Bank c/o Best Egg Flexible Rent (“Best Egg”) to initiate debits from the payment bank account you indicated via debit card or automatic clearing house (“ACH”) transfer. Best Egg will initiate these debits on the schedule and in the amounts you have authorized. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF IT IS THREE (3) BUSINESS DAYS OR LESS FROM YOUR NEXT PAYMENT DUE DATE WHEN YOU SET UP AUTOPAY, YOU WILL NEED TO MANUALLY MAKE THAT PAYMENT AND AUTOPAY WILL TAKE EFFECT THE FOLLOWING PAYMENT. You acknowledge that you are an authorized user on any payment bank account you provide to us when you enroll or update in your Flexible Rent account.

If you preauthorize us to debit your bank account for your regular payments on a recurring basis, the debit amount may be a range of payments, which would include your monthly rent, additional fees charged by your landlord or property manager, and any fees and charges you owe us, as applicable.

You can opt out of automatic payments at any time online at or by contacting us directly at 877-593-0497. You have the right to stop payment of these automatic withdrawals or revoke prior authorization for automatic withdrawals by notifying us no less than three (3) business day before your next payment due date.

This authorization will remain in full force and effect until you turn off autopay through your account at or by contacting us directly at 877-593-0497. We must receive this notification in a time and manner sufficient to give us and the other financial institution a reasonable opportunity to act on it (typically 3 business days). In addition, we may terminate this authorization in our sole discretion, for any reason.