Flexible Rent Open-Credit Interest Rates and Fees

Reviewed March 2023

Open-End Credit: Flexible rent is a unique open-end credit account originated by Cross River Bank.

Interest Rates and Interest Charges: The annual percentage rate (APR) for the Line of Credit is up to 29.99%. The maximum effective APR will not exceed 30.00%. If your Flexible Rent Line of Credit is fully repaid by the Due Date, which is the end of each respective calendar month, no interest will be charged. Interest charges begin on the 3rd of the following month if the prior month’s Advance is not fully repaid. The minimum interest charged will be no less than $0.50.


  • There is a one-time enrollment fee of up to $20.00.
  • There is a recurring monthly subscription fee of up to $25.00.
  • There is no late fee.
  • There is a returned payment fee of up to $39.

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