Best Egg Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Best Egg Community – a place where we’re focused on helping you feel more confident as you manage your everyday finances and work towards your financial goals. Our platforms are a place to connect, learn, and engage through sharing stories, asking questions, and getting tips for your financial future – all powered by Best Egg and your fellow community members. To make sure we’re maintaining a positive, safe space, we’ve developed the following guidelines:

Social media platforms are public spaces: Please refrain from posting any private information about yourself, such as phone number, email address, or account information. If there is anything that you’re not comfortable with making public, please do not comment or share that information on our pages. For customer service questions or individual account matters, please reach out to our team members through one of the methods listed here or DM (direct message) us.

Be kind and respectful: We want everyone who visits our pages to feel comfortable participating in the conversation. Please be respectful and kind. We reserve the right to remove any comments/posts that:

  • Use swearing, name-calling, or abusive language
  • Are harassing, defamatory, offensive, obscene, or vulgar posts directed at others
  • Contain hateful language targeting race/ethnicity, age, color, creed, religion, sexual preference or orientation, religion, gender, nationality, or political beliefs or anything that may be deemed as offensive
  • Are violations of any intellectual property rights
  • Engage in any spamming (e.g, marketing/promotional material, links, or references of other companies)
  • Contain anything potentially identifiable as bullying
  • Include viruses or programs that could harm/damage the functionality of other people’s computers

Content use: Any content posted to Best Egg’s social pages will be treated as non-confidential, and we reserve the right to use this content with no obligation to compensate you.

Post removal and banning of users: We reserve the right to block users who violate the above guidelines and remove any posts or comments that are considered a violation of these guidelines.


  • Please remember that these communities are public. The opinions, statements, and views expressed by any member, including Best Egg partners or employees, may not reflect the opinions of Best Egg.
  • We may share content or posts from partners (paid and non-paid) or other sites. This does not constitute an official endorsement of that individual, website, or company. Partnerships resulting in paid sponsored content should be disclosed in any applicable social media posts.
  • When engaging with Best Egg on any third-party sites (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.), you are subject to that site’s terms and conditions, as well as their privacy and data security policies. These platforms are not affiliated with Best Egg, Best Egg, Inc., or any of its subsidiaries.
  • Best Egg Privacy Policy:
  • Best Egg Terms of Use:
  • We reserve the right to update these guidelines at any time.