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Find a home improvement blog that inspires you

Have home improvement projects on the mind, but not sure where to start? There are tons of DIY and home improvement blogs that are filled with design ideas, home improvement inspiration, and helpful tips to help you on your way. In the meantime, we’ve done some digging and compiled five of our favorite blogs to help inspire your next home improvement project.

Home Improvement for the Everyday Handyman & Woman

Sarah Fogle at The Ugly Duckling House shares her adventures, or misadventures (as she puts it), through DIY home improvement projects. Sarah is transparent, and she doesn’t take herself too seriously either. Additionally, she shares her honest results as they happen, and not just when the project is perfect.

Who it might inspire: Everyone! This is a home improvement blog for everyday people—from the most experienced renovators to those who need a little encouragement. She shows readers that DIY projects aren’t always perfect, but they’re doable, and you can have a great time too.

A Lawyer Gets Home Improvement Creative

Kate Riley’s Centsational Style focuses on creative DIY projects, interior design, and savvy home improvement. Riley’s not your typical blogger, she’s a former lawyer who left her practice to focus on interior decorating and do-it-yourself projects. She shares stories from her own home remodel, and the renovations of fixer-upper properties.

What we love about this blog are the high-impact visuals. She brings great attention to detail to her projects and includes more than a few fun and whimsical photos.

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Who it might inspire: This home improvement blog is great for folks looking to start a DIY project on a budget. The focus of her blog is “bringing affordable style to your home.” She shares a mix of wisdom from wallpaper installation, to rug selection, to full kitchen remodels.

Home Improvement Tips: The Love Story

Husband and wife John and Sherry are enthusiastic home improvement adventurers with  Young House Love. After renovating three homes, they are now DIY experts publishing books and even designing their own home improvement products.

In each of their articles, they tell you about what they purchased, alternate options, and how they planned their project. The couple doesn’t shy away from including projects that didn’t go right, and how to avoid their mistakes. They have tons of tips and tricks for home remodeling, decorating ideas, furniture building and more.

Who it might inspire: Just starting out families and new homeowners. This DIY home improvement blog can be for anyone looking to tackle a new home project, but Young House Love is especially helpful for families.

Design Tips for Time Budgeters

Tasha at Designer Trapped started her blog to share her and her husband Joe’s home improvement stories. They started doing DIY projects because it was the only way they could afford to get the look they wanted in their first home. They started from scratch and are now working on their fourth home.

Designer Trapped covers all different types of home improvement and design projects, with a focus on saving money. In one blog, Tasha tells you how she remodeled a laundry room for $71! She’s out to prove that everyday people can create their dream home on a budget.

Who it might inspire: This DIY blog is great for working people with busy lives. If you want to get into home improvement and you don’t think you have the time, then Designer Trapped is for you.

Get Artsy with Your Projects

Debbie Westbrooks at Refresh Restyle is out to make home improvement artistic. There’s plenty of images to share with friends, or pin to your own inspiration board. This blog is great if your upcoming projects will focus on improving the interior of your house.

She shares what she knows and has learned, her tools, and her methods. She also doesn’t hesitate to talk about projects that didn’t go as planned so you can avoid those same mistakes

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Who it might inspire: If you’re looking for bright, beautiful visuals for home improvement inspiration, Refresh Restyle is an essential.

Find Your Home Improvement Inspiration

These are some of our favorite home improvement blogs out there to help you in your remodeling, DIY, and renovation projects, but there’s plenty more out there. Find a few that inspire you, go forth and create your dream home.

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