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Weddings are exciting to attend and even more exciting to plan. You’re creating a celebration of the love you’ve found and the life you want to build, with all your loved ones around you. Just one little thing you’ve got to figure out before you get started: how you’re going to pay for it.

Just in the way there’s no one-size-fits-all wedding, there’s no perfect way to fund your big day. There are plenty of options, all of which depend on the type of celebration you’re looking to have, your budget, and how much you have saved to put toward it.

With so many different options, looking into a credit card for wedding expenses might be a good move. Let’s take a closer look at how you could use them to your advantage when it comes to spending for the wedding – and beyond.

Find the right credit card.

Whether it’s currently in your wallet or you’re looking to apply for a new one, finding the right credit card is a great way to handle expenses for the big day, all while racking up the rewards for those purchases. So what should you look for when choosing the right card?

It’s important to pay attention to all aspects of a card to figure out which one is best for you. Is there an introductory APR of 0%? And if so, how long does it last? Which cards offer the best credit card rewards? Does it have the right benefits and protections for you? Are you more interested in cash back or travel points? And are there any annual fees that may offset those benefits?

Shopping around and seeing all the options is a great way to find the best credit card for weddings – specifically your wedding. And if you and your partner each choose to use or open a card, you may have the option to choose from multiple benefits – and get multiple rewards.

Plan which expenses your credit card will cover.

Once you’ve spent a little time figuring out what sort of wedding you want and what your budget is for the big day, you can start to allocate which items will be paid for and how. That plan should include which expenses will be covered by your card, and which will be covered by other payment methods you’re using.

Big days can come with big expenses, and weddings have all sorts of expenses that you could use a credit card to pay for. Big ticket items, like wedding rings, venues, dresses/tuxes, and even parts of the honeymoon, are often things you may need to finance in one way or another. If your credit card of choice has a handsome rewards program, you could be getting a sizable amount of cash back, miles, or other credit to use down the line. Some credit cards offer higher rewards for certain types of purchases – like when they’re used at certain types of retailers or used to pay for travel – so make sure you’re maximizing the amount of rewards you’ll earn when you’re choosing how you’ll pay for things.

For the highest price items on your wedding list, consider other perks that credit cards could offer, like introductory rates. If a card offers 0% APR for the first year, and you use it to pay for something pricey (like a your venue), you could pay those expenses off within that 12-month introductory period and avoid paying interest charges.

Maximize your rewards and benefits.

Once you’ve made all the necessary purchases, paid the vendors, and earned all the rewards, it’s time to plan how to redeem them. You and your spouse could choose to redeem them for the big day, using cashback to buy gifts for the bridal party, using points for your bridal suite, or, if you chose the best cash back rewards credit card, simply using the cash back as an account credit to help lower your balance.

Another great way to redeem those rewards is to use them to fund your dream honeymoon. Rewards could pay for your flight upgrades, hotel upgrades, experiences, meals, or even some sweet souvenirs to remember the experience.

Some credit cards offer discounts or higher cash back at certain stores stores through shopping portals, or opportunities to book experiences at a discounted rate. Some cards even offer travel and/or baggage protections, rental car insurance, and other services that can protect you while traveling. Getting to know these benefits could come in handy if your honeymoon travels include an unexpected surprise.

No matter what you choose, as long as you do your research, the right credit card could be a small – but impactful – part of your big day. Figuring it out ahead of time will free you up to enjoy what matters most – celebrating your love.

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