Compare Personal Loans to Credit Cards

While everyone has their own unique financial journey, the ultimate aim of the game is to have a comfortable nest egg. But maybe you’ve accumulated some debt along the way instead of building your savings. Maybe you’re not in shape to work on your nest egg just yet. Instead, you can team up with Best Egg and get on the road to financial freedom. Best Egg loans are an intuitive approach for you to simplify the burden that stands between you and your nest egg.

Making the minimum payments on your high-rate credit cards just doesn’t make sense. It’s expensive and can drag on for years. Best Egg gives you terms to help pay your loan off quicker or make fixed monthly payments more manageable. Not only can you save money in interest, but you can save time—we’re talking decades. Decades of living life free from debt and getting to work on that nest egg.

Credit Card 1$10,00014%28 years$11,166
Credit Card 2$10,00018%28 years$14,423

That’s $25,589 in interest**.

Or you could pay off both cards above and save like this:

Best Egg$20,0005.99%3 years$1,901

**Interest savings is an estimate for illustration purposes only. Credit card time to pay off is based on the Minimum Payment Calculator and assumes that only minimum payments are made at the sample of APR used in the example. Paying more than the minimum payment would reduce the total interest paid.

Best Egg is here to help you get back to enjoying life.