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A debt consolidation loan is an unsecured personal loan that can help you consolidate different types of debt. This loan can also free you from paying higher than average interest rates, simplify life by reducing the number of monthly payments you manage, and save you money on annual fees.

Types of Debt Consolidation Loans

If you are considering debt consolidation, there are two primary ways you can begin. The first way is by obtaining a credit balance transfer card with 0% interest. Once you have this credit card, you can transfer your debts onto it and pay the balance in its entirety during the promotional period.

A fixed-rate debt consolidation loan is another option. Use the loan amount to pay your multiple debts off, then pay back the loan in installments over a set term. Unlike a balance transfer credit card, the interest rate on a fixed-rate debt consolidation loan does not increase after a promotional period.

Debt Consolidation Loan Interest Rates

Debt consolidation loan terms like the annual percentage rates (APRs) vary from lender to lender and often range from 4.99% to 36%. Most personal loan lenders offer fixed rates over the course of the loan. So the rate you pay on a personal loan for debt consolidation will not change.

Is a Debt Consolidation Loan Right for me?

If the loan will save you money in the long run, it could be an option worth pursuing. In addition, ask yourself the following questions to determine if a debt consolidation loan could be a good fit for you:

  • How much debt do you have, and how does it compare to your income? Do you have a healthy debt-to-income ratio (36% or less)?
  • What is your credit score, and is it good enough to qualify for a low-interest rate?
  • Will you be able to pay back your loan without running up additional debt?
  • Will you be able to afford monthly payments on a consolidation loan?

If you can answer these questions positively, a debt consolidation loan could be exactly what you need to get your finances back on track. Click on the link for more information covering the question of whether debt consolidation is a good idea.

How Does a Debt Consolidation Loan Work?

If you are considering making a change to improve your financial health by consolidating high-interest rate balances, a debt consolidation loan might be the right path for you. The solution is simple – apply for a loan with a lender that meets your financial needs, use the funds to pay off multiple creditors, and start paying off your debt with one monthly payment. Read our article about the debt consolidation process for detailed information.

Whether it is high-interest rate credit card debt, medical bills, or auto loans – a debt consolidation loan could be a smart way to help you pay off your balances all at once.


May 20, 2021


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